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Our Passion

Clean water.........without it we are as dead as the fish in the pictures. And the fish in those pictures are floating on our own St. Johns River, killed by a algae bloom which itself was the result of nutrient pollution.

And nutrient pollution is?

In essence it's fertilizer, often the same fertilizer we insist go on our lawns to keep them green. Sad thing is that so much of that fertilizer also ends up killing things in our river.

We strongly support St. Johns Riverkeeper and their ongoing efforts to preserve Our River for the next generation.

We encourage all our customers to join in the effort by being a member of Riverkeeper ( www.stjohnsriverkeeper.org) and by taking the small personal step of restricting or eliminating fertilizers from your lawns.

Our Partners

Boston Lobster Company

For over 25 years Boston Lobster Company has been our primary supplier of Maine Lobsters. A tour of their state of the art facilities is available on their website.


Cape Cod Shellfish Company

Cape Cod Shellfish Company has been proven to be a very reliable supplier of mussels, steamer clams, periwinkles and a wide variety of other New England shellfish for decades.


Tichon Seafood

Tichon Seafood, a long established New Bedford, Mass., distributor of scallops and finfish from the New England area and is another of our trusted suppliers.


Marumi Products

Marumi Products in Miami is our favorite supplier of fresh tuna. They've long demonstrated to us a solid commitment to following all FDA importation regulations and in sourcing tuna globally from reputable sources. Besides that Sam Grossman, the owner, is a truly fine person.....something that has to count in this world!